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        Welcome: Higoal
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        Five reasons to choose us
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        Dedicated to manufacturing, developing and marketing high-quality fiberglass products.
        Higoal FRP Product Application Examples
        • Cooling Tower System
          Cooling Tower System
          Higoal machinery-made fiberglass products are widely used in cooling tower industrial, which can improve the efficiency, reduce the cost and enhance the core competitiveness. It is the irreplaceable advantages of FRP.
        • FRP Industrial Building
          FRP Industrial Building
          Higoal is a total-solution provider on industrial anti-corrosive construction, offering corrosion-resisting solution from roofing, walling, to flooring.
        • FRP Panel for Decorative
          FRP Panel for Decorative
          FRP panel is widely used for curtain wall, due to its features of anti bacterial and easy cleaning. It is ideal for walling of places highly demanding sanitation, such as hospital operating rooms, dust-free workshop, food workshop, precision electronic workshop, purification room, dining room, kitchen and so on.
        • FRP Panel for Vehicle Body
          FRP Panel for Vehicle Body
          Higoal is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality fiberglass flat panel. Fiberglass panel are used as refrigerator board which has become mainstream in Europe and America. FRP gel-coated panel has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, easy bonding, and easy construction. It is the best choice for using on refrigerator transporter, motor home, container and other energy-saving vehicle.
        • Application of Skylight Panel
          Application of Skylight Panel
          HIGOAL skylight panel is coated with 250um ISO-phthalic polyester gel coat on the surface, and our engineers believe that it fundamentally solved the problem of FRP fiber exposure.
        • FRP Railings / Ladders
          FRP Railings / Ladders
          FRP round tube, square tube and handrail,FRP ladder system connector, for anti-corrosion platform or walkway. FRP ladder
        • FRP Grating Application
          FRP Grating Application
          FRP grating application include floor systems, walkways, work platforms, stairs, ramps, trench covers and catwalks. Whether your are building a Power plant, Chemical plants, Marine engineering, Port Engineering, FRP,INC will cover your project and stay in your budget.
        • Application of Flat Panel
          Application of Flat Panel
          HIGOAL FRP panel has a significant advantage, that is easy-cleaning. Gel coated FRP panel is exceptionally resistant to scratch, negligibly effected on by blood, detergents and bleach disinfectant. FRP gel coat panel is the ideal hygienic panel.
        Higoal Qualification
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